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My Education, My Liberation – Johannesburg

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“A conversation on the freedom of education through the lenses of Self-Directed Education, what freedom in education can look like, and how we can create liberatory practices in ourselves and our communities.”

  • How do we define freedom?
  • Does our education ensure our freedom? If so, how?
  • What is the important of unconditional freedom vs. conditional freedom?

Ché-vanni Davids is the primary facilitator and founder of Reimagined Learning Center, a Self-Directed Education resource center in South Africa. The center opened over a year ago, and focuses on more humane, trustful relationships between adults and children. The African unschooling school (as my daughters like to call these spaces) Troyeville, a part of Johannesburg that reminds me a bit of East Atlanta, Georgia in terms of history/culture/diversity being pushed out and replaced slowly, but ever-so-surely by coffee shops and eateries and boutique hotels that increase property value at the expense of the people closest to the “progress” being made. It’s an odd experience because there are artist collectives and other dope shit happening in the area, but it also has a large population of black and brown immigrants who will surely be pushed out of the space over time. Ché-vanni knows a lot about the history of this Joburg town, and he brings his knowledge and passion for community to the work he’s doing at Reimagined. It was a pleasure to be part of the conversation around education and liberation! In this episode, I share the questions Ché-vanni and the brilliant team at Reimagined arranged for us to ask and explore. Use them in your community gatherings. Build on them. Share them. By all means, let’s use this to keep growing our conversations and results around this work of raising free people together. Special thanks to Ché-vanni, Cerbastian, Lo-Lo, and Anna-Michella for hosting this gathering at their beautiful “Sky Garden” the space’s other moniker; it was, as always, divine! #BIPOCinSDE

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