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EP 124: What is Confident Autonomy

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Audio Producer

Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Marley Richards

Confident autonomy: this is the thing Kris and Akilah Richards intend to help nurture in their daughters, Marley and Sage-Niambi. There is no one definition of it’ it’s an ability to navigate the world with a strong sense of self, an awareness of the place in the world and their capacity to influence the people and situations within it, and the tools to life well, be good to people, and make a difference in their communities. Is that a tall order? Listen to a couple of excerpts from Akilah’s essays on unschooling and deschooling, and share your own definition of confident autonomy.  #BIPOCinSDE


Mad Question’ Askin:


Is it safe to raise our children to be confident and self-aware, or will that invite more chances for them to be unfairly targeted and harmed by the social or legal arms of a racist dominant structure?

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