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Ep 151: Conscious Parenting with Adult Children

By December 24, 2019 No Comments

Audio Producer

Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Marley Richards

Val Anderson is in her sixties, yet she is practicing conscious parenting. Turns out that connection, respect, listening, and regard for boundaries are not just for toddlers and their doting parents. Parents who have raised their children into adults and are now developing language and norms that see that person as an adult, and not a perpetual child. In this episode, Val, who happens to be Akilah’s mother, is sharing some of her practices for being more present, more connected, and less tied to the oppressive adult-child dynamics she saw all around her. Listen close and share wide as Val talks about her deschooling journey from conventional Jamaican parent to raising free people, including herself.

Connect with Val her on Instagram and via her newsletter for tips on plant care (her longtime passion) and personal growth, especially as she embraces mid-life joy. Pass this one on to your parents and their friends too! Let’s get this healing work spreading far and wide!

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