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Ep 157: Surmounting Support Issues

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Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Valerie Anderson

Akilah Richards: hosts this widely celebrated podcast, Fare of the Free Child, that features more than 150 episodes on Self-Directed Education among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. She is the author of the forthcoming book Raising Free People, and she and her partner are raising two self-directed daughters.

What Was Discussed:

Support is one of the biggest hurdles in developing the confidence needed in nurturing and raising free people.

Does your socioeconomic background affect your capacity to recognize and receive support?

What does support need to look like for you, specifically?

How can you find YOUR people, not just SOME people, as you seek out support and community?

How can you communicate your support needs to your family and friends?

What are some ways to invite more specific support in your life?

How do you show appreciation for support without overextending yourself?

In this episode, Akilah shares how some particular life experiences have really helped her to make space to do the work that she’s called to do in ways that are easier for her, and also allows her to see support as something she can invite, not just hope for.

Akilah is  sharing this to encourage you to find new ways (and recognize old ways) you can see, access, and encourage support.

This week, Akilah introduces the six supporter types around this podcast and her network, and how they’re connected to your world as a person who is actively seeking support with your decision to raise free people.

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