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Ep 180: Partnership Practice with Plants

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Audio Producer

Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Valerie Anderson

We are so ready for some indoor plant tips from Plant It Up Podcast. As a close-out for the fourth season we decided to do one more episode with @valandourplants – you’re welcome 🙂 And remember, Akilah will be back on August 12th with Season 5! In the meantime, listen as Val (Akilah’s resident plant lady who also happens to be her Mama!) talks about the importance of having plants at home and shares some of her favorites, along with the many benefits of each one. There’s a special appearance by Marley Richards too, ‘cause we ‘bout that intergenerational life! Enjoy!


Peace Lily, Rubber Tree Plant, Bamboo Plant: purify the air in the home and remove toxins from paint

Lavender: improves sleep quality

Mint (Spearmint and peppermint): great for teas and drinks

Rosemary: great scent and helps with memory

Spider Plant, English Ivy, Philodendrons: remove formaldehyde from the air at home

Aloe Vera, Pothos Plant: maintain the quality of the air in the home

Snake Plant: absorbs carbon dioxide inside the home

Palm plant: provides more oxygen and reduces dust levels at home

Orchids: beautifies the look and feel of the home


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