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Ep 181: Defining Liberation & Keeping It Intact

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Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Daniela Gutiérrez Páez

Welcome back, homies (and new homies, too)! Y’all ready for season 5? In today’s episode Akilah shares ideas and invitations for what’s to come in the new season of Fare Of The Free Child.


Akilah talks about deschooling and unschooling, not as something we learn from a curriculum nor a thing we perform, but as a way of being. It’s through the experiences and different points of view that we get to understand the otherness, question our own truths as part of a liberation work, and work at understanding more than being understood. She touches on the naming and shrinking the ways that we’ve been forced to separate things in a schoolish way, and how that needs to be decolonized, not only in our learning process but in our relationships overall. We have the capacity and resources to thrive and heal through these embodiment practices, so this season will be all about the ways we have done that, and can do it more, and in community.
We’ve also got more goodness in store through Raising Free People Network’s Presence Counselors. Besides Leslie Bray who will be doing one-on-one support for the people transitioning from schoolish to self-directed ways of living and learning, there are a couple of new folks in the mix, including more collaborations with Maleka Diggs and some incredible offerings by Kelly Limes-Taylor

Lastly, here’s the big invitation: We need your help to share more local stories, experiences, conversations to know what is happening with self-directedness in different places. If you’re willing to send voice messages to Akilah’s team so that your local raising free people work can be shared with the Fare of the Free Child community, click here.


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