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Transitioning to Unschooling

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This is about the work of fitting in versus figuring out. Atlanta-based flight attendant, wife, and mother of three—Katrina Morrison—discusses the choice of following a path you already envisioned and a process/relationship you’ve already invested in, versus starting anew. She tells us about her family structure and why the shift from charter school to unschooling felt like a major challenge.

3 or so minutes in: realizing that something has to change, questioning the judicial and educational systems, black ancestry

9 – how can we trust the system with this going on and why she didn’t stop there

22 – reaching out to other families to get perspective and feeling more confident about the journey, and the fear of not being/knowing enough

25 – the power of timing and the universe affirming what we feel

27 – jumpseat confessions, resource sharing, and scheduling

30 – Not knowing and going ahead anyway; managing the stress, making the decision

32 – example of daily life structure early in the transition

40 – their deschooling process

Special shout out to Leslie Bray (Professional Photographer + Homeschooling/Unschooling Community Resource, Atlanta)

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