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Black Queer Mama

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Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Marley Richards

Trelani Michelle is a writer, wife, and mama of two. Her son, CJ, is 10, and her daughter, Kobe, is 6. She is a versed writer who has shed light and offered refreshing perspectives on everything from her experiences in a youth detention center juvenile to cursing when communicating with God.

I’m also sharing space with Trelani Michelle this episode because Trelani is part of a group that is definitely underrepresented in parenting circles and discussions about how we choose to parent — that group is black queer mothers, so we’ll explore what that means specifically for Trelani, as a queer black woman married to a straight black man.

There’s so many lovely layers to Trelani’s magic, and we discuss a lot of them during this episode. Listen and enjoy as Trelani and I get all up in our feelings about motherhood, relationships, education, and radical self-expression. And if you dig it, please share.

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