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The LIFE School – Atlanta

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Marley Richards

Some of us believe that education is something we get. The pursuit of information is centered on information itself, not on the person learning, but on the things to be learned.

And there are people like Mikala Streeter, an educator who knows that education and learning are not these boxed things that we should fit ourselves into. And more than that, she makes sure young people in Atlanta get the benefits of a learner-centered approach to exploring passions and building skills.

Mikala is an experienced educator who is committed to empowering students from all backgrounds. She has a B.S. in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a M.A. in Education (Learning, Design, and Technology) from Stanford University. While her background leans towards STEM, she ultimately loves the power of STEM or any field to empower students to express their ideas and create positive change instead of just consuming. This mindset of action-oriented entrepreneurship and self actualization is infused throughout The LIFE Schools Learning Model.

“Our school is really to empower students to have more ownership over their education. High school is usually this mad dash of checking off boxes to create a great portfolio. Because of that, they lack of sense of who they are and how they can add value to the world. To identify needs in the community, and know how to problem-solve, to organize, and to bring about sustainable change inside their communities.”
– Mikala Streeter

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