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Ep 128: Happy 3rd Anniversary to Fare of the Free Child Podcast

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Audio Producer

Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Marley Richards

On July 10 of 2016, following the brutal murders of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, I decided to publish a podcast about the ways that BIPOC families were handling the dichotomous life of constant fear amid a will to thrive, particularly as we endeavor to raise children who embody their liberation. It’s been three years as of today, and I am so grateful for the loving, vocal community that has formed as a result of me risking expression. So many brave, brilliant, and beautiful people have blessed our ears with their experiences, frustrations, wins, anger, and more. We’ve cried, laughed, envisioned, created, shared, loved, lost, and grown together, and I have no plans of stopping now; you probably don’t either, right? Then let’s keep this thang poppin’ with episode 128 where you’ll meet FOFC’s co-producer, Fatima Mookadam. She is a major part of how you’ve been able to listen and engage with the podcast over the past six months. Fatima is a South Africa based unschooling mama who has been using travel and deep self-exploration to fuel her deschooling journey. Listen as she and I celebrate together, talking about the ways this work is shifting and growing us, and why we’re so grateful for each other and the community that you help us to maintain through your listenership.

!!Happy 3 Year Anniversary!!

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