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Ep 143: Teens in Self-Directed Education

By October 30, 2019 No Comments

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Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Marley Richards

What do teenage unschoolers need in order for the Self-Directed Education movement to be even more effective for them? One common gripe among many of the SDE-minded folks in my circles is the lack of amplified youth voices in our gatherings, trainings, etc. Nahla, Marley, and Timo are three teenagers whose families embracing unschooling. They have each also facilitated trainings for adults and children who attend SDE spaces or are interested in the philosophies around SDE. In this episode, they share some of their experiences as teen facilitators, and offer insights on what adults can do to get deeper into partnership with young people.

There are young people who are willing to be vocal about what is and isn’t working for them as our communities reconnect with more trust-based models for living and learning together, and they should be heard consistently. When it comes to deschooling parents, hearing from a teenager who is willing to express themselves honestly, and to help us get clear on this thing called freedom, we need to be listening. Real freedom is  a thing many of us have so little practice with, and so we must learn how to develop a trust in our children and ourselves so that we can design that freedom together.

What are some ideas can adults in the SDE movement do to get better at amplifying teen voices?

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