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Ep 179:Season 5 Appetizers with Kris & Akilah

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Valerie Anderson

Welcome to the fourth season finale of Fare of the Free Child! Today’s episode features Kris Richards, he and Akilah will be talking about some upcoming surprises and topics for the fifth season. 

We also shout out the members of our Make It Happen Family; thank you all for your comments and support! Akilah just saw more than a hundred comments on her  Youtube Channel, particularly from the How Good Morning America Got Unschooling Wrong video, some of them from you, dear family! Thanks for that, and be sure to subscribe for more information and conversations about love and liberation work.


Akilah will be taking a little break but the podcast will be back on August 12th with more amazing content. 

We wanted to thank all the listeners for the messages and support we got for our zeroversary. We are excited to have new people coming in for season 5 as well as some of our previous guests like Moji Yai, Maleka Diggs, and Kelly Henderson.

Kris and Akilah give us a sneak peak of some of the topics that will be part of next season. They go deep and chat about how unschooling can’t be seen just as an alternative for education but as part of a healing and liberation process that is not only up for children but also for parents in order to connect with different perspectives and create opportunities for communal growth and self discovery. They want to offer tools and resources for both people that may be in a phase of discovery and people that have lived this as an everyday struggle throughout their lives.

Akilah talks about the importance of intergenerational connection, looking back at our ancestors and the self. We can learn how to be in community, young and elder, with an exchange of knowledge and not as a controlling approach. Discerning between the moments when support becomes more sort of a leveraging way brands use to promote themselves, capitalism and community… these and many more topics will be discussed in the new season.

The Homeschool Association of California is having their 30th annual Conference, this will be celebrated from August 6 to 9 through a virtual platform. For the past three years Akilah and her family have been involved and invited. This time Akilah will be doing two workshops, one called ”Shifting from schooling to Self-Directed”, and another one called ”Deschooling our Communications, practical practices for being a better listener to children and teens”. Check it out here


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  • Akilah will be doing a little session with the Rowe Center. What does it take to make and then keep a commitment to raise free people amid the pattern of anti-Black racism and the pervasive myth of white supremacy? This will be on August 26th at 2pm, you can register here.     
  • Organizations like Metro Atlanta Mutual Aid Fund are organizing collective help for Atlanta’s BIPOC families affected by COVID-19 – Please donate.
  • In our Black and in broader BIPOC communities, self-care, community care, mental health care—the need and means to prioritizing these—are encouragingly increasing in conversation. Maybe you, yourself, have been thinking about what’s interfering with your happiness or preventing you from achieving your goals. In Akilah’s search for that, she has found that Betterhelp.com has been a great resource for her mental health. She was able to center her preferences and only choose from mental health professionals who, at base, wouldn’t seem to be in conflict or out of context for my particular beliefs and preferences. Explore for yourself, and use this link Betterhelp.com because Fare of the Free Child Podcast subscribers have 10% off in their first month.  #sponsored #verified
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