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Ep 183: Choosing Learning Over Schooling

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Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Daniela Gutiérrez Páez

Today’s episode is full of liberation and healing talk with life learner Dominique of DommiesBlessed. She shares some insights on natural learning, which we’re hoping will usher in changes around learning and relationship-building. Check out Dommie’s blog on natural learning.


Before we talk to Dommie, Akilah gives a shout out to entrepreneurs, Kim and Jamal Hester, creators and developers of Life Strength & Health holistic center. Listen to their podcast for more healing work! 

Also, as we are raising free people and nurturing self-care habits, check out the latest episode of the She Said We Shed Podcast, hosted by Aja Marie. Click here to subscribe to all five podcasts on Raising Free People Network.

Today, as we deschool with Dominique on the topic of natural learning, we are mad question askin’ about how learning looks and feels. The intention inside this episode is discover, or perhaps explore, a more intuitive and self-directed way of imagining and practicing self-care. Self-care is a key aspect that needs to be nurtured if willing to raise a free person, it’s fundamental for healing and liberation work.

Dominique shares the experience that she had with a more schoolish setting for her children and how she ended up homeschooling them for the best. She also talks about how natural learning shows up for families as healing work and the importance of focusing on practical life skills, paying attention to what your children are passionate about and what their strengths are, so that we can learn how to  support learning in a holistic way. Natural learning as the enhancement of our human skills and love centered guidance from family and from lots of different places.   

In parent-children relationships we see a partnership. Learning is something that’s done together and the practices and skills that both develop also need to be mindful on how to take care of each other, the process of taking care of our children as we take care of ourselves. Co-learning with our children as a collaborative approach based on trust.            

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