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Ep 186: Deschooling Corporate and Community Relationships

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Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Daniela Gutiérrez Páez

Welcome to another episode of Fare Of The Free Child Podcast.  This week, our intention is to expand our understandings of deschooling and self-directedness beyond children and education. So, let’s listen to Part 1 of a conversation between a 20-something freelance marketing and social media consultant and a 40-something year old creative branding entrepreneur about discerning between capitalism and community. 

What Kris Richards and Roman Sinclair began to explore in this conversation is that if we go deep and question further, we can begin the level of liberation and healing to redefine and revitalize our relationship dynamics across generations.


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Kris and Romain talk out loud about their own deschooling around their perspectives on community. They talk about the importance of discernment in those moments when support becomes more of a leveraging that brands use to promote themselves. 

Kris points out the importance of connecting with companies as businesses, not communities. If a company wants to help they should know the community, listen to them, understand their realities and see how they can make an impact in a different way, but capitalism doesn’t come from a human approach, and we need to know that, and operate accordingly. 


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