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The ChicanX Deschooled Doctoral Student

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We explore…gender-fluidity, getting rid of gender roles, supportive relationships, cultural identity, autonomy and agency, and how all of that is can either be supported or suppressed in our homes and in our communities.

August 2014 – From Lane Santa Cruz to Akilah S. Richards
I’m a Chicana from Tucson, AZ mother or two unschoolers (7 and 5) with one on the way 🙂 and I’ve put a lot of sweat equity into social justice struggles here in town from migrant rights to ethnic studies and more recently as a bike mechanic at a community bike shop, helping make the bicycle an accessible mode of transportation for low-income and refugee families.
I’m also a graduate student and I’ve been working the past few years on showing the social justice education community that their are many possibilities for transformation of our families/communities through “home/community education.”

Today, we’re going to talk about what’s happened in her home life and social justice work since our first connection in 2014, and how Lane is continuing to be part of and be in support of communities comprised of people of color where liberated living and learning are top priorities.

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